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Screen Printing Materials


Inky Cow Screen Print Co. was set up by husband and wife team Darcy and Nixx in 2020 to provide an eco conscious alternative to businesses and individuals looking for a garment printing service. 


The studio was started with the aim of working alongside other small businesses in order to help them grow by offering a service that was personable, affordable, and reliable. 


To date, we have worked with businesses ranging from mobile pizzerias and bands to independent artists, clothing brands and breweries. 


We’ve loved every minute of our work so far in Inky Cow’s short life and we look forward to working with plenty more small businesses and start-ups in the future!

Check out what our clients have to say about us!


Screen printing is a stencil-based system of image-making. With the stenciling process, pigment (or ink in our case) is applied through the open areas of a design using a squeegee to create a crisp and clear image. 


We use a light-sensitive emulsion to create a stencil ready for printing which is then developed in a similar way to a photograph. Once the design has been exposed, it gets rinsed, dried, and is then ready for the printing process.

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